Develop soft skills through stories

Online classes for children from 5 years old and teenagers
Soft skills are the things that help a person not to get lost in the big world, not to fade away and not to be lost. We know how to develop soft skills in children carefully and with care. We know how to measure and assess soft skills. We have devised activities where a child will test skills in a safe environment with supportive adults and have fun doing it. And have a little more fun, because learning should be fun.

Nastya Serazetdinova
A person always has a story to tell
We use storycrafting, evidence-based practices and a holistic approach to deeply explore the child's own world. Empathic listening techniques allow our teachers, psychologists and tutors to see the person and their potential. We help children and teenagers to develop soft skills and parents to be good enough and not to burn out.
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We help
We have developed game-based activities with different levels of immersion. You can study individually or in groups.
We help parents to be supportive and look after themselves. Individual sessions with specialists help to find a resource in parenting and not to burn out.
  • Safety
    A child only learns and develops in a safe environment: we do not grade or correct in class, we have gentle rules to help children with communication.
  • The child is author
    We follow a child-centred approach, i.e. we go from the child's request, the leading line is imagination and interest.
  • Evidence-based approach
    We rely on research, not daisy-chain fortune-telling or reading natal charts, but we respect everyone's choices.
  • Focus on quality
    Professionals have studied and worked hard, they are constantly undergoing supervisions so that they can now provide help.
  • Communication and play are the basic needs of a child
    Many classes are based on game mechanics, while playing, the child learns to communicate, build boundaries and is introduced to empathy.
  • Parental care
    No one knows a child better than their mum or dad. We help parents find their footing, feel empowered and take care of themselves.

How it works
Application form
Fill in the application form, tell your story in a free form

"We moved and we want to keep the native language in our children"
Class selection
We read your message carefully and recommend you one of the courses with our educators

"Come along to a Story Bank course where children develop speech based on story mechanics"
Trial meeting
The child will come to the meeting and get acquainted with the teacher and try several exercises from different classes at once, and then make a choice
"Yes, the kid is happy, everything suits us."
"Are there any other alternatives, it seems that the child has difficulties in the group?"
Once you've chosen a course, we'll enrol your child into a group and they'll start the course, with our experts providing support and regular feedback
"We have prepared a detailed report for you at the end of 8 lessons, describing the aims, objectives and how the child performed along the way"
Online classes
Book club
Reading and discussing books in the pleasant company of people.
Nice books.
I can sence
Learning to notice all kinds of emotions.
Even anger. Even fear. There's no such thing as a bad emotion.
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Creating spaces for self exploration, creativity, play and acceptance.
tutor, methodologist
I definitely know how to be a reliable, warm adult with whom I can be honest, face my own issues and be understood and accepted.
Recording children's stories and supporting parents, I'm a founder of Palapa.
"Exploring your own nature, the way you are organised - there's nothing more intoxicating, a more exciting process"
Vivian Paley
teacher, writer
"Listening is hard work. You have to concentrate if you are not going to give a trite answer"
Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish
teachers, writers
"The verb 'to read' does not tolerate the imperative mood."
Daniel Pennac
teacher, writer
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